A Memorable MoRoCo & Macallan Match Up

My Valentine and I had the opportunity to attend The Macallan scotch and chocolate tasting at MoRoCo Chocolat lounge at 99 Yorkville Avenue last Wednesday- a perfect venue for any lover of chocolate. The scotch and chocolate tasting was guided by Macallan and Highland Park Brand Ambassador Marc Laverdiere and MoRoCo Chocolat’s Sales and Events Manager Victor Bastisdas. The expert duo put a lot of effort into creating a perfect tasting arrangement and educational session of single malt scotch and fine chocolates. For some scotch tasting tips check out our previous Macallan post. A true chocolate tasting involves our five sense: touch, appearance, smell, sound & taste. Sound? This works by bringing the chocolate close to your ear and "snap" it before tasking your first bite.

Like many tastings we started with something light – in this case The Macallan 15-Year-Old Fine Oak, alongside a white chocolate green tea truffle appropriately named a Geisha. The following three pairings left us in states of awe and indulgence. I will not spoil it for you, but below is a sneak preview.

A great way alternative way to spend Valentine’s Day, sans champagne or roses!

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  1. I knew I recognized you! I was there too, but wasn't sure if it was you :)
    Hope you had lovely time.