Laser Hair Removal

Why is it that so many people talk about it like it's a unicorn?

Everyone asks about it yet most know very little about the procedure. Instead of Googleing all my information like most people do, I set up an appointment with Dr. Fred Weksberg, owner and medical director of The Weksberg Centre for Cosmetic Dermatology, who educates me on the procedure and the machine he uses, the LightSheer Duet.

Laser hair removal has many advantages like convenience and permanence, but it also has a higher cost than other options. Each treatment costs upwards of $150. Depending on the person and their hair type, the number of treatments can range; some might need three treatments, some might need eight. It is also important to go to a trained specialist when getting this done, burnt skin is not a good look on anyone.

For beginners, such as myself, laser hair removal works best on dark hair and a light complexion. The laser targets the pigment in the hair so if you're blonde, chances are you're out of luck. Those with dark hair and dark skin can still get this done but the strength of their laser will be set to a lesser strength to avoid blistering of the skin. This is also why it is important to stay away from UV rays prior to your treatment. You should also shave the area being treated right before you go.

The machine Dr. Weksberg uses is different than the others he has used in the past. This one has a greater surface area for quicker treatment times and it has suction so you feel less, if any, pain.

As I raise my arm over my head, my underarm is ready to go! Dr. Weksberg checks the settings and gives the thumbs up. The laser is calibrated and raised to my underarm. The suction begins. In seconds, it's over. The procedure is repeated until the area of my underarm is done and then they move onto the next one. The treatment is over in less than 5 minutes.
Speed: Under 5 minutes
Level of Pain: 1 out of 10 - I could feel the suction, but that was about it
Effectiveness: Unsure yet, it has only been a week since my treatment

I am not exaggerating when I say that it took less than 5 minutes. The preparation took the majority of the time but the actual laser treatment was much faster than I anticipated. I was definitely shocked when I realized it was over, I also expected it to be more painful because someone said it felt like an elastic band snapping on your skin, but because of the suction, the pain is virtually eliminated. My skin was pink for about an hour but shortly after, it subsided.

I'm curious to see the results of my first treatment. If you've gone for laser hair removal, I'd love to hear your input. Give me a few weeks and I'll report back with my results!


  1. I've always wondered about laser hair removal but all of the info I found was from salons/spas and wasn't sure if it's true or not. I'm curious to see how your results are. Maybe it's time for me to invest.

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  3. Laser Hair Removal is now one of the most common ways to get rid of unwanted hair, and done right, can definitely provide Permanent Hair Removal.I'll consider it as my first option.