Oscar Night Hair Styles

Starting counting down the hours because tonight is the Oscars! An important part of every outfit is the hair style. How can we forget last years top pick, Sandra Bullock, amazing style from head to toe. Her sleek side parted hair and bright pink lips were the talk for days. We all know how important a hair style can be from our first semi-formal, prom and maybe even a wedding day.

Mark Townsend is no stranger to celebrity hair. In the past, he has styled Reese Witherspoon, Rachel McAdams, Lea Michele and  Jennifer Lawrence, among others. Now that Dove Hair Care System is in the scene, Mark is using them as his styling tool.You too can work with the Dove Hair Care System for your hair, it may not look as perfect as Marks' - that takes years of practice, but your hair will leave smooth and nourished.

So keep your eyes peeled tonight. Who's look is your favourite? What hair style will you be asking your hair dresser for?

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