The Toronto Moda Team

Your Toronto Moda team consists of:

Fashion and Beauty Writer
Although the title would beg to differ, Tina writes about any, and everything under the Toronto Moda umbrella. "I'm just a girl who likes to jot down her thoughts. The subject of trends, style and fashion happens to be something I can easily translate onto paper(or in this case, a computer). I don't consider myself a fashionista, just someone who knows about fashion." Contact Tina at

Beauty and Events Writer
Nobody really knows why Jean decided to join Toronto Moda - all we know is that she loves beauty and events and does a great job reporting and writing about them. I guess you could say, she needed a change and took a quick right and ended up at Toronto Moda - the rest is history. Jean can be contacted at

Associate Writer
Nurse by day, writer by night. This double duty action star decided she needed to be a part of all the hype - so here she is. Just don't mess with her, "be nice, I might be your nurse one day." Email her at

Associate Writer
One of our newest additions to our team! We are excited to have a fresh perspective and Jessica's keen fashion and beauty eye here at Toronto Moda.
Email her at

These are our regular writers, if you want to be a part of Toronto Moda, feel free to contact us @

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