Rafael Nadal and the RM027

On Sunday, June 6th, the mighty Spaniard, tennis great Rafael Nadal, crushed his opponent to win his 5th French Open title. While watching the match, I noticed that Nadal had a black wrist band just below his sweat band, which is unusual since Nadal is very meticulous with his attire and doesn't often deviate from his norm.

I watched with interest and when the announcer indicated that it was a watch. This peaked my interest. What type of watch? The band was all black. Fairly simple, not fancy at all. But unlike other watches. My curiosity takes me to research mode.

I located the information, it was a "Richard Mile" watch.... what? ....who?

Rafael Nadal was wearing the "RM027 Tourbillon", designed by Richard Mile for him to wear during the match, great exposure and excellent tactic to generate interest and talk. This watch is unique in design and the material, state of the art.

With a limited edition of only fifty of these time pieces and at a whopping $525,000, this watch clearly isn't for everyone. But it IS a beauty to look at!

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