Martinis with Men

Single, dating, trying out celibacy, or in a relationship - the question will always linger 'What the hell are they thinking?'. The best & only way to truly get advice on the opposite sex is from the source itself - a man.

Martinis with Men is a girl's night out event series to learn more about men while sippin' on martinis. The presentation is designed for women who are already in a relationship or looking for a relationship.

This month the series will be held at the Spoke Club with celebrity chef and co-host of the event David Adjey (Food Network series “The Opener”) & Gary Wilson, President of Eligible Inc. The evening’s topic will be “How to get what you want from your man!”

date/time: Wednesday Oct 26th 7-9pm.
location: The Spoke Club 600 King St. West (between Bathurst & Spadina)
tickets: $49.95/person - includes a martini, hors d’oeuvres, a gift bag, & cash bar (limited space available)
Seats can be reserved by paying online or by phoning the Eligible Inc. office at 416-483-1312.


  1. 25.7 years old, no children, career woman, semi-dating, but SINGLE! Ugghhh! I really need to know what I'm doing wrong! Lol

  2. Hello, I'm a 25yr old single, career and goal oriented woman trying to decipher this thing called relationships lol. Men think women are complicated but men are just as confused lol. Whats a woman to do?!? lol