Jay Manuel shows off his ATTITUDE

Best known as a T.V. personality on America's Next Top Model, Jay Manuel shows us another side of him that focuses on fashion design for the real woman.

The show started almost an hour late but it was a packed house. Beforehand, there were many who scoffed at the idea of "ATTITUDE by Jay Manuel"- but they need to get off their high horses. The show was worth the wait proved many naysayers wrong.

Right before the show began, volunteers peeled a thin layer of plastic off the runway to unveil a shiny catwalk. As the show began, a cloud of dry ice covered the runway. Pair the dry ice with the friction-free catwalk and the result might be a slip here or there, or in Yasmin Warsame's case, an unfortunate fall. Yasmin struggled to get up but an audience member helped her get to her feet before the crowd cheered her on.

Models walked down the runway in this Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which was a stunning interpretation of the global traveler. We saw colourful separates, printed headscarves, straw fedoras, tie-died tops, silk jumpers and jersey dresses.

This is Jay Manuel's second collection for ATTITUDE and he's getting better by the season. The collection goes to show that you can look runway ready on any budget.

The ATTITUDE Jay Manuel collection is priced from $12.97 to $179.99 with sizes in 0-18 and is sold exclusively at Sears locations nationwide.

Image Credits: George Pimentel Photography

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