Red Door District

It's Thursday night, you've spent all day on your feet, you've picked up dry cleaning, completed a few errands, then went for a work out at the gym.

Your on-the-go personality does not let you call it a night, and you think to yourself, "one more day left for the week!". With body aching, you feel the need for some relaxation. All the usual spas are closing their doors for the night... except one.Che Bella Spa is nestled close to Eglinton Ave and Avenue Rd. By day, this cozy spa - known for it's vibrant red front door - offers quality manicures and pedicures, tanning, waxing and skin care services. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night between 7pm and 11pm the spa transforms into 'Red Door'. For $55/person, $100/couple, or $185/ group of four - you, your partner, or the ladies can enjoy a relaxation 45 min foot & leg massage in the comfort of a cozy home-like setting. You better believe more that just the ladies in Forest Hill will be taking advantage of this sanctuary!

So on the nights when you're fiending to do something, but aren't really up for a bar or a flick, keep this Red Door in mind. Che Bella Spa has shed a new light on the term after hours.

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