The Softer Approach

I constantly gavotte back and forth from Toronto. When attending a few current, I notice dthat men’s shoes this summer are bright, colourful, and mostly suede! 

Gone are the days of Converse and canvas shoes - okay maybe not, but right now, it's all about he loafers. These days men’s shoes are mostly suede and hit just below the ankle. 

I bought my first pair of loafers. Bright blue suede loafers by Salvatore Ferragamo. Now, I usually steer away from loafers just because I am not a big fan of the silhouette, but I needed a new pair of summer shoes and I just happen to come across them in Rosen’s and couldn't resist.

So, when picking your shoes this summer, get creative. Go with a brighter colour, not just because its in this season, but because next season you may not be able to find any colour. 

Remember that in fashion, colour comes in waves, so purchase  or the future and dress for the present!

-Just Sayin

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