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Beautyblender and Beautycleanser

One of my biggest pet peeves is streaky make-up. It never looks good and can easily be avoided. Whether it be concealer, foundation, or blush, it should blend in and look natural. My rule of thumb is: If you can see that I’m wearing make-up, I’ve done something wrong.

Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, make-up artists based in Hollywood, created a revolutionary tool for make-up application. The Beautyblender is the ultimate sponge applicator with an elliptical shape and a unique texture that optimizes the way we apply make up. 

Alongside the Beautyblender is the Blendercleanser, a hygenic companion for the Beautyblender. Bacteria causes breakouts, so the goal is always to minimize this.

I gave the Beautyblender a test drive and thought it was a neat tool. I have always been a brush-gal but I think I found a new addition to my make-up case. Although I will still use my brush for powders, I found the Beautyblender especially handy for my concealer and cream blush. After using it, I noticed that the results was a streak-free finish. 

Thumbs up to the Beautyblender and Beautycleanser.

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