Evoke Salon

To evoke is to arouse, call forth, educe and suggest.

We found a hair salon that does just that!

After setting foot into Evoke Salon in Bloor West Village(my 2nd home), you’ll notice a quiet simplicity paired with a chic earthiness. This environmentally conscious atmosphere does everything from recycle foil(from hi-lites) to recycle hair. Their products are sustainable and all packaging is biodegradable and reusable.

Jon DiMauro, owner and artistic director of Evoke Salon, is the charming yet modest 27 year old who started this empire. “Being green is something you don’t do for the client, you do it for yourself.”

Jon and his team listen to the clients and works with their abilities on how they style their own hair. “We care to listen, we want to make a change in YOUR hairstyle and how you approach it,” says Jon. “We really do care to make a difference.” And the best part of all this, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

I for one, love my locks, but there are times when I don’t give it proper TLC (hair needs TLC?). So I consulted Jon on how to attain and maintain healthy hair.

1.Since we are in a drier season, we should invest in a treatment that adds nourishment and helps to strengthen hair. This treatment can be done at the salon or at home.

2. When drying your hair with a blow dryer, hair should be 80% dry before using a brush(just use your hand if it is less than 80% dry). The combination of a brush and a blow dryer creates more damage than just the blow dryer alone (Who knew?).

3. When flat ironing your hair, if the flat iron reaches an excess of 400 degrees, you do not need to use a brush, this just doubles the damage – very similar to tip #2.

That’s all we’re divulging for now. For more hair tips - or better yet, for an amazing hair cut, make your way out to Evoke Salon.

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