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Your Beauty, Your Style, Your Profile

We always want to put our best face forward; whether it be on Facebook, Linkedin or your Blog. How often have you done this: take the picture, delete it, take another one, delete it and finally you post a picture, even though you are not 100% happy with the result. Why is that other peoples' pictures seemed so perfect but not yours?

Now you have the opportunity to obtain a professional taken photo , Estée Lauder introduces, Your Beauty, Your Style, Your Profile; a free in-store make-up events and professional photos help give you your best social media look.

Estée Lauder’s Your Beauty, Your Style. Your Profile, events can help with simple makeup that make you look just right for just the right site. Then a professional will take your photo, provide you a hard copy, and even e-mail it to you so you can immediately upload it to your social network profile, cell phone or smart phone – all

This FREE customized makeup service and photograph are available at select Estée Lauder counters across Canada. The event is by appointment only, no purchase is necessary and is available one per customer, For more information on Your Beauty. Your Style, Your Profile, events happening in your area. visit

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