Spring of Surprises

YES gentlemen it is official… Skirts have made their way into our wardrobes!

As I was walking to work the other day, I happen to see a man crossing the street. Now ordinarily I would pay no attention and move on, but this man happen to be wearing a skirt of knee length!


It is a fad that is going from designer to designer to find the “it” skirt for men, something that is masculine and wearable. I have yet to jump on this “boat”, but we will see what unveils as spring moves into summer.

You can catch design houses such as Prada pushing this trend, and H&M is rumoured to show skirts for men this summer. Not to mention that GQ has shown the odd skirt in their publications!

I guess the big question is…. What shoes are we going to wear with that outfit. I don’t think that heels would the best option, but then again, I never thought that men would be wearing skirts!

Just Sayin.


Picture Courtesy of: Boston.com

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  1. right on point! i saw this on the runways a few months back and now its at street level! not sure on my thoughts though..