Packing that Stocking this Season

Whether you buy those really lavish stocking, use your boots, or stick out actual socks this season, stocking stuffers are a great and inexpensive way to please your friends and family. Great little gifts that say “I am thinking of you”, and TorontoModa has some great ideas for their stockings this holiday season

Intelligent Nutrients (IN) is a certified health and beauty line “that believes everything we put into our bodies must be nutritious and safe”. Intelligent Nutrients carries an impressive line of skin, hair care, aroma, and supplement products. Perfect for stocking stuffers this season, whether you are looking to making your life more romantic with IN’s Seductive Make Love aroma, or giving someone the calming aroma of Wind Down, Intelligent Nutrients aromas are the perfect stocking stuffers, and even though I’ve just listed only two of the scents, IN carries seven impressive aromas including Awaken and Focus.

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Also perfect for all of those tea lovers in your circle of family and friends is smooth Jasmine green tea, by the village tea company. Premium tea for the everyday escape! This green tea blend is the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas, as it has the ability to bring together your circle of friends and creates great conversation. Its floral scents are hypnotic and calming as the tea itself is extremely smooth and rich in flavor. I personally am a green tea fan, but quite enjoy the jasmine tones in this blend. If you are planning a big family gathering this season I would suggest checking out the village tea company online and their selection of teas for the holiday season.

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For all of those beauty lovers out there, we have stocking stuffers for them as well! Elizabeth grant has Vitamin C eye pads that keep you looking fresh and restored all day long. Perfect of the family traveler or yourself as you go home this season Elizabeth Grant’s exclusive superior moisturizing compound works to moisturize and awaken the skin, leaving a clean refreshing feeling. And just to top it all off, Musician Natasha Bedingfield swears by these eye pads as she travels, gets interviews and keeps up with her everyday life.

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Or if you are looking for something smaller to put into that stocking this season, May we suggest Intelligent Nutrients lip balm? Their lip delivery “Nutrition” lip balm is the perfect little stocking stuffer. Where health meets beauty, their signature, “super-antioxidant, anti-aging seed oil, which supports the body both internally and externally”, and is the perfect gift to keep your friends healthy this season.

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