Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe that the holidays are just around the corner? It's true that time flies and in just over a month, we will be celebrating Christmas! Toronto Moda has composed our very own gift guide. You can access all posts under the heading "Holiday Gift" on the right side of the page under "View Topics". Or you can also just read and click - the windows will open up.  With secret Santa, gift giving and wish-list making, we want to make life a little bit easier for you.

If you're hosting a party, we found two Party Favourites which are holiday must haves for Christmas entertaining. However, if you've decided that going out is more your scene, we found a few Show Stopping items that are stylish and chic. Either way, you'll need make-up that highlights your features perfectly. We found just the Holiday Hues for you!

When it comes to giving presents, it might be hard to find exactly the right one. We managed to narrow it down to a few categories.

Bath collections that have you Smelling Like a Rose are phenomenal. Kiehl's has a classic collection that can be used by all for an all over soft and smooth clean. Fruits & Passion has a set of fruity foam baths that will relax and energize. We even found a Sampler from Bliss that offers everything you need to bring out the va-va-voom.

If you're into organic and all products that are Naturally Infused, here are a few items that fit the natural selection. Olay and Pantene are household brands but they recently branched out into botanical fusions. Eco-friendly Notebooks that can be planted(post-use) are not only neat but very useful!

For the Functional Fanatics out there, we found Imedeen, a vitamin-like supplement that will revitalize your complexion. Not to mention, a super slim electric toothbrush from Oral B. Functional doesn't have to mean boring, it should still be fashionable yet practical.

Some people just can't get enough. You need to Up The Ante and get them something that screams "wow". These could be given in addition to other gifts, but really, they're amazing enough on their own. La Senza has a baby doll set that works double time to bring you the ultimate in all that's cute and comfy. Speaking of cute, vanity is often the focal point. By Toronto's own Conniemarie Howard, the Vinitas Compact reminds us that we are beautiful no matter what. The last item in the Up The Ante category, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, is not just aesthetically appealing, it smells great too! Cute, comfy, vain, beautiful and smelling deelish!

There is one thing we can't forget. Presents are great, but what about Stocking Stuffers? They are the little presents that widen our smiles just a little bit. Of course we don't need them, but really, when do we NEED anything? The bigger the stocking the better.

There it is for the gifts that go above and beyond. So goodluck in finding the perfect gift or compiling the perfect wish list! Don't forget - Christmas is right around the corner!

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