Fuctional Fanatic

For some of us, functional wins over fashionable. Some of you like to think that you aren’t superficial but what’s wrong with looking good? 
Skin Deep
If you have friends that are always complaining about dull complexions, Imedeen can help! They work like vitamins to enhance the skin from the inside out. We can only hide so much with make up, why not try to improve the actual texture, structure and quality of our skin. And the best part, it doesn’t just target the face, it works on the whole body! You’ll be their BFF(best friend forever) after giving them Imedeen. Who doesn’t want healthier, younger looking skin?

Some people prefer the practical gifts – men in particular. Buying them another wallet won’t work, they love the one they have, and it even has the perfect grooves, although it might be held together with duct tape or an elastic band. So move on to plan B – the functional gadget.

Hand Held
The eyes might be the first thing people see, but your teeth will be the first thing people notice. Dazzling white’s are never a bad thing. Oral B’s Pulsonic is an easy way to achieve that goal. This slim, sleek design emits over 27,000 vibrations per minute for cleaner and whiter looking teeth.

Beautiful skin and beautiful teeth – looking better on the outside means feeling better on the inside.

Imedeen Classic, $80/60 tablets, available at the cosmetic counter of leading pharmacies and at select spas, plastic surgery and dermatology clinics nationally.   
Oral B Pulsonic, approx. $80, available at mass retail, drug and grocery stores.

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