Party Favourites

Having people over is part of the holiday festivities. It brings out the holiday spirit in all of us with a Christmas Tree, Christmas lights and gingerbread houses. But Christmas crackers are so passe, so what is the new “it” thing in entertaining? 

Tasty Treat
Chocolate fountains are too expensive right? Wrong! Cadbury has made it easy and affordable to get your very own chocolate fountain. For $50, Cadbury's Mini Chocolate Fountain is compact and easy to manage. Who can resist a chocolate fountain? This is ideal with fruits like strawberries, but who said you couldn't throw in a marshmallow? If you want your party to outshine the rest, this might be the way to do it.

Haute Water

The new Paul Smith designed Evian bottle is sure to “wow” guests. The new limited edition bottle is designed with the famous Paul Smith stripes. This is a great addition to the holiday gathering and it's an easy way to add some jazz to the essential.

Cadbury Mini Chocolate, $50, select Kitchen Stuff Plus stores.
Paul Smith Evian Bottle, $4.99/750mL, available at gourmet retail locations across Canada.

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