For those of you who are interested in style, wardrobe and etiquette there are a couple of options in terms of reading material. I went to visit my local Chapters the other day and happened to pick up seven different books relating to fashion and designers. I also happen to pick up three really great style manuals.

The first is “Handbook of Style, The man’s guide to looking good.” Composed from the information found in Esquire magazine, this book happens to go through all aspects of your wardrobe, from scarves to socks, and suits to shoes. This book has you covered from top to bottom, and not only that, but it describes the “do’s” and “don’ts” of fashion, leaving you with a timeless look that could impress anyone.

The second book I picked up was “Details men’s style manual”, again composed from the information found in the monthly details magazines these style rules are more casual and cover topics from head to toe. Both books are travel size so you will have no problem fitting them into you man bag!

As I save the best for last. “Gentleman, A Timeless Guide to Timeless Fashion”. This book is bigger and may take you some time to go through. This book is the ultimate guide to dressing like a professional. It covers your wardrobe from top to bottom and everything in-between. It covers the history, the rules, why we follow the rules, the must haves, and brands to appreciate.

So, If you are in the market for new reading material I would suggest to start with these three books because they will give you a wealth of knowledge to building and maintaining your wardrobe as well as how to wear clothing that fits.

-Just sayin

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