The Rule and Not the Exception

Let’s talk socks! Yes, there are rules to wearing socks, and No, you are not following them. For years there has been much discussion over the proper way of wearing socks and whether there is ever a time that you cannot wear socks. The ONLY time that socks are not to be worn is in the summer when (a) you are wearing sandals or (b) you are wearing a loafer. That is it! Other than that socks are a must.

With work or formal wear thin socks are a must. These can be bought almost anywhere socks are sold. There has been a trend toward executive socks, which basically means that the sock goes up to your knee. I prefer these socks because they keep my leg warm (just as a side note). For business socks you have a couple choices when it comes to the fabric. You can go with a light wool, a cotton or a silk. Silk is preferably the best of all, but whatever is available is fine. Matching however is a different story. There are a couple of rules that must be followed when wearing socks. Your sock must always match your slacks, ALWAYS. It is also inappropriate to be able to see your leg skin when sitting down, and if that requires you to buy longer socks, so be it. Outrageous colors are inappropriate, and if you happen to buy an argyle sock make sure that your base color is the color of the slack and that the other colors are compliments to that of the slack as well.

For example, if you have a blue slack, the main color on the sock should be of the same blue, and the accent colors on the sock should be of a green, grey, or yellow. The colors of the sock should always be pleasing to the eye.

When wearing casual clothing anything goes. White, Black, Grey, or any variety of Color is acceptable. White is the most common color, and this is simply because white goes with everything. With colored socks just be aware of what colors you are putting together. Yellow and Orange, Red and Orange, and Green and red are bad mixtures.

-Just sayin

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