Bag-In It

Do as the Europeans do! Although it takes us some time to pick up the trends and adapt them to our needs, we always take a page from the book of European style. Back in the 1980’s briefcases were ALL the rage, I know my father had one. Now this style is coming back, but not like before, these new styles have been tweaked and altered to suit the style of 2009. It is a mixture between the very popular messenger bag and the brief case.

Take Burberry for example. Burberry has designed the perfect bag for men this fall, and although it is quite expensive, it will not be long before companies like Club Monaco and Zara pick up the design and alter it to fit the average person’s budget. Bags for men are huge right now, and with all of the stuff that we now find ourselves carrying around there are many great options out there that we have to choose from that do not make men come off as flamboyant as they use to.

-Just sayin

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