Getting Information

When it comes to getting information for all your manly questions there are a couple great sources that you can reference.

Of course you can always come to TorontoModa to ask questions, but there are a couple magazines that are very helpful as well. For any health questions or concerns “Men’s Health Magazine” is my top choice. Not only do they give you a different workout schedule every week/month, but they also list foods that should and should not be eaten. The Magazine goes over “personal” and sexual issues as well as dealing with stress. I find this magazine to be more entertaining than anything. Although it is informative there is an entertainment aspect to it that keeps me coming back for more.

For fashion and beauty, GQ , Details, Esquire, and Men’s Vogue are your best sources. GQ and details are basically the same magazine just targeted towards different age groups. GQ is for a younger crowd, whereas Details is for an older crowd. Esquire if you can afford it is the best source for all your information, but at 14$ an issue it is not always the most reasonable choice. That is why I suggest that you either go with GQ or Details for all of your fashion and beauty needs depending on your age. Men’s Vogue I have not read as much, just because it does not appeal to me. Men’s vogue is geared towards an older, older crowd so…. Not so much.

-Just Sayin

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