As we get older we wrinkle, this is not unknown. It is the reason why people turned to science to fight the look of aging; it is also the reason why Botox has become a multimillion dollar industry. Luckily thanks to science we have been able to create crèmes that fight the signs of aging.

“Lancôme listened to what men had to say in order to better understand their needs. The findings are clear: the majority of men consider the loss of facial firmness and the appearance of wrinkles as significant signs of aging, and they want effective solutions. Lancôme’s Research and Innovation Laboratories explored, analyzed and studied male skin so that Lancôme scientists could select cutting-edge innovative ingredients to formulate a high-technology skin care line that would help men look their very best.” (Lancôme)

Lancôme has created a line of crèmes that help to fight the signs of aging and help to firm and lift the skin. I have been a fan of Lancôme for many years, because their products work. There men’s line “Lancôme Men” is a line created to restore, rejuvenate, firm and lift skin. I have had the pleasure of trying out some of their products and here are my results for Renergy 3D:
Renergy 3D- Designed to lift, firm, and help with signs of wrinkling, this crème is extremely light on the skin and lasts all day. It goes on smooth and leaves a refreshing clean feeling on the skin. It is designed as a three step process:

“1. Lifts 25,000 micro-lifts on the surface of the skin Lancôme Laboratories invented a new technology based on a duo formed by micro-particles of colloidal silica and soy proteins that adhere to the skin. Millimeter by millimeter, they form an invisible network on the surface of the epidermis. This network retracts and the resulting micro-tensors create the effect of 25,000
micro-lifts. The skin is instantly tightened.

2. Firms A Firming Complex made from a botanical peptide extract reactivates* collagen production in the dermis and in the dermal-epidermal junction, respectively collagen types VII and III. * In Vitro test.

3. Works to erase wrinkles Organic silicon, a trace mineral naturally present in the skin (and therefore in perfect affinity with the skin), stimulates cellular metabolism and fibroblast multiplication. In addition, one must remember that the amount of silicon naturally found in the skin diminishes with age.” (Lancôme)

I happen to like the crème because it gives my skin what it needs all day long. It makes my skin feel good and at 75$ a bottle I would give this product a buy.

-Just Sayin

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