Fighting the look...

Fighting the look of aging is difficult, I hear more and more about it every day. Not just from women but men as well. I recently had a discussion with a man over lunch the other day about the use of Botox and his need to look younger. After many drinks and a lot of bantering back and forth we had come to a couple of conclusions about aging and products that help to fight the signs.

Lancôme has come out with a new crème called “Age Force”, it is an anti aging crème that helps to fight the signs of aging.

Although I am not at that stage of my life where my skin starts to sag, I do dabble with different products to see how well they work. We had a couple people sample this product to tell us how they liked it, as we at TorontoModa may not be the best candidates.

Age Force was liked a lot by our testers. Like the Renergy 3D it is light and smooth to put on, like most of the Lancôme precuts are. True to form our testers found that it lasted all day and that it left their skin feeling quite smooth.

So for those who are in the market for a crème to fight the look of aging, look no further because Lancomes “Age Force” is your solution to the look of aging.

-Just sayin

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