Bring on the Boots!

It's time to put away those flip flops and bring out the boots. Here are the key styles of the season: the ankle boot, the slouchy boots, riding boots and over-the-knee boots. Suede boots may look good, but this season it's all about the leather.

Less material doesn't mean less style. The ankle boot is a shorter alternative to your typical boot. Skirts and dresses are aching to be paired with a cute bootie. Ankle boots come in a variety of styles - the FCUK ones for $268(pictured left) would be perfect paired with a great skirt. But if you want something a bit more casual, there are comfier flats that create a sportier look that works well with a pair of skinny jeans or tights.

Another comfy style is the slouchy boot. These can be flats, mid-heels or high heels. These can add that boho-chic element to any outfit. This style looks best with knee length skirts but it can easily be paired with tights and an oversized sweater for a comfy chic look or with a button up shirt and slacks for a work ready look. This boot offers versatility while maintaining a fashionable and stylish outcome.

Heels might not be for everyone. I for one, love the look of heels but sometimes they aren't practical for my day-to-day routines - running to catch a streetcar in heels isn't what I'd call ideal. Some of us like a high boot minus the high heel - this is where the riding boot comes in. These boots can be paired with almost anything and can be worn virtually anywhere. A bit of the country comes to the city. The Charles Street Tall Boot that's $200 from Timberland(pictured to the left) is my idea of a riding boot with real buckles that adjust your fit.

The biggest item this season is the over-the-knee boot. Some of the over-the-knee boots can be found with sky-high heels(like the gorgeous ones pictured right for $275 from Barbie by Town Shoes), others can be flat. Although high heels are more flattering(they make your legs look long and lean), flats may be bit more practical - especially in our winters. Over-the-knee boots give you that extra edge without being over the top.
It’s time to up the ante on your wardrobe. What’s your look? Classic or Trendy, Country or Urban, Comfy or Sexy…why not all of the above. These ultra-sophisticated styles not only add to your look - they complete it.

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