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It was the grand opening of the new Holt Renfrew today, the fourth new flag ship store in Canada. Like any new store there were many lookers and no buyers, which begs the question, how well will it do? I have become close with quite a few of the associates and have heard that there were high expectations for the store and that although there were quite a few people, there were very few purchases being made.

So… Is Calgary ready for the new Holt? Are Calgarian’s ready to pay top dollar for “high fashion”? I am betting my money on NO! Although there is the odd naive customer willing to pay top dollar for mediocre fashion, the real trend setters know where to go to get what they need, and for a much cheaper price.

Yes, the new store is built VERY well. The concept is very open and very clean, defiantly a step up from what it used to be. But let’s not forget, the old staff is still there unlike the service unfortunately! The Original Holt Renfrew was a place to go for amazing customer service, but over recent years service has been sacrificed. Calgarian’s who work Holt Renfrew have the idea that since they work high end they can pick and choose who they want to sell to, and I know this first hand!

There is no doubt in my mind that I will be back, but just because Hermes happens to be in Holts, and not for the service or the selection of clothing that they offer, because like the service, the quality is no longer there either.

-Just sayin

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