Fashion Week “Cow Town Style”

That’s right; the first ever semiannual fashion week in Calgary stared off last night as TorontoModa was there to cover the event!

The week started with two designers show off their collections tuesday night and only one of them happen to be good. The event was hosted by City TV, and I didn’t happen to catch the name of the woman who happen to be the MC, but she might as well been drunk! Not only did she need a script but he also had no idea of who was showing or how to pronounce their names. To add insult to injury, she also did not happen to be a very good public speaker either. Prompter anyone? It was an absolute GONGSHOW, although it did make the evening more entertaining. The show happen to start an hour late and was hosted in the beautiful Banke, a venue which happen to be one of the original banks in Canada. With high ceilings, cream walls and beautiful chandeliers the venue will probably be better than most of the shows. Now Alberta Fashion Week is promoting Canadian designers, and since most of the designers show in Toronto and Montreal all Calgary was left with was half ass no name designers whom most of which have never had proper educational training. You know…. Boutique clothing.
Though there are a couple good designers like Project Runways Adejoke, and Canadian sensation Cindy Mathieu, most of the shows will be there just to fill the week.

-Just Sayin

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