Simply Beautiful..Simply Organic..

Beauty should be simple. Chemicals and environmental effects tend to wear down and ruin what nature gave us. This problem is an easy one to fix but for most of us, we don’t know how to go about fixing it.

We generally add more chemicals to our daily lives than try to reduce them. The skin, our largest organ, absorbs a lot of what’s around us – so why not try and surround yourself with antioxidants?

Simply Organic is a beauty line which carries hair care, styling, aromas and bath and body care to name a few. Many of their products use ingredients that contain green tea, olive leaf extract, Q10 and CoQ10.  Their mission is to develop formulations with cutting-edge ingredients to introduce progressive wellness information to their customers.

You can get used to regular compliments on healthy looking hair and skin. I’d like to say it’s genetics, but I’m sure the olive leaf extract played a small part.

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