Green Hair

Okay, so green hair isn’t quite ideal, but what about green hair care appliances?

Forget about those straight irons and blow dryers that kill your hair and the environment. RUSK has developed two “Go Green” products that have features that fight to save the planet without sacrificing amazing results.

Both the RUSK Str8 Iron and Blow Dryer have a phalate-free power cord, no paint on the outer housing and a recycled, ‘Smart Size’, brown, corrugated ‘earthy’ packaging printed using Soy ink. The Str8 Iron has a hibernate mode to save energy when it is not in use and petroleum-free plates which helps to reduce oil consumption in production. While their Blow Dryer uses 26% less energy compared to original blow dryers.

You might be wondering the price point on these bad boys. Shockingly at $135 for each appliance, these prices aren’t that far from their non-green counterparts. My order is in! And while I’m anxiously awaiting my Str8 Iron, go get yours at 

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