"O Natural"

For years I have been a person who has had trouble finding the right hair style, and styling method. I have been told short is a good look, but have never had the patience to grow it long enough to know if long even works on me.

What I am getting at is, it is hard to find products that work just for you and your needs without making you look greasy, stiff, flat, or retarded. What types of hair products are out there? And how do I know what brands are best?

Most men like their hair short because it is easy to maintain! Just grab some gel spike the front and you are out the door. But the rule of men with short hair no longer applies. Men have hair of all lengths, short, medium and long. The hard part is finding the right product to use on it!

I have used many products, most of which did not work like they advertised. I am finding that they best way to find the right product for you is to ask other guys, because not all men wear the same product in their hair. Even your hairdresser will have an opinion on what works best for you; they are usually able to lead you in the right direction. Some men can not wear moose, or gel, or wax because they do not have the right hair for the product.
So Just Ask!

-Just Sayin

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