Uni Nothing - Men and Uni-brows

I had been planning on writing this story for about a week now and what finally got me in front of my computer was Tyra’s daytime television show. Now naturally I would have just flicked right past it, but Kathy Griffin happend to be the guest, and I find her quite entertaining. While they were talking about Kathy’s new book they had brought up the topic of men and the trends in shaping their eyebrows.

There is a lot of confusion for men because shaping and maintaining your brows can come off very flamboyant. The trick is to go to the right people and pay the right price, because a lot of people overcharge for these services.

There are actually two methods that should be used when maintaining your brows. Whether you like it or not brow maintenance is a must! You can go to any spa or hair dresser to have it done. It should cost no more than 10$ max, otherwise you are paying too much. I personally go to trade secrets and I usually bring in a picture so that they know not to go too thin.

I find that Pictures help SO much when getting anything done, whether you are waxing your brows or cutting your hair. It just gives the professional an idea of the look you are going for.

Now essentially you want to get your brows waxed once every month and a half and in-between pluck the strays that show up. They may offer threading but it’s not worth it, don’t make it a confusing process. Waxing gets you in and out in about five minutes. It is clean fast and the pain is quick, and not as bad as one thinks.

Now when plucking the brows if you want to just do the hairs in-between the eyes that’s completely fine because these hairs will not grow as fast. If you have questions about rules and thickness of brows feel free to comment on the bottom of the blog.

For Plucking you are going to need PROPER tweezers I bought mine at Sephora, and they vary in price. Mine cost me 30$, but that’s just because they have an alligator print on them… It makes them look manlier that way.

You have two options when choosing tweezers; you can go for a precise tweezer or an angled tweezer. I personally like the angled tweezer because you can pluck a lot of hairs at one time, and is essentially less time consuming. Whatever your preference make sure that you clean them with peroxide, the tweezers that is, not the brows.

And if you are unsure always ask a professional first.

-Just sayin

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