Go Green or Go Organic!

Okay so this is not news, but going green is all the rage. More so today than ever before, pollutants, chemicals and other radicals are damaging and destroying our skin. Skincare, cosmetics, hair care and clothes, among others, are going organic. It is good for our skin and the environment since many organic products are also biodegradable and eco-friendly. Fall has arrived and the weather can be frantic at times; cold one day, mild and humid the next, it definitely wreaks havoc our hair and skin. I will be writing an organic series which consists of Organic Skincare, Organic Beauty and Organic Haircare. Here's the first of the series - Organic Skincare.

There are many organic products out on the market, all of which claim to be good for the skin. I had the pleasure of trying a few out myself. The results were not disappointing.

Consonant Body Organic Skincare - the simplicity, yet appealing package reflects the product. The products are organic, contains no artificial colours, dyes, perfumes or fragrances and best of all, it is Canadian! Their slogan is "What goes on your body, goes in your body.” Consonant has taken the purest form of the products from the health food stores and brought them into the specialty beauty and cosmetic market where customers shop for their beauty products. Consonant products are available at The Bay and Sears national flagship locations and at select specialty retailers across Canada as well as online at www.consonantbody.com

Another company, Kiss My Face, knows what the frantic summer and harsh winter can do to ones lips. To the rescue, Kiss My Face lip balms are 100% Natural and 93% organic. They harness nature’s solutions like organic beeswax to help moisturize and soften, and organic Shea Butter to shield your lips from ultra violet rays, leaving you with lips that are silky smooth and chap free. Fun and fresh, these lip balms comes in array of yummy flavours and for the sweet price of $4.99, in this economy, the whole collection is attainable.

Although Juice Beauty is not a Canadian company, I gave their Juice Organics Brightening Cleanser a try. Juice Organics was launched from the Juice Beauty brand. They retail worldwide and is one of the first to be retailed in drugstore/mass market brands that meets with both the 70% and higher organic guidelines. All products are paraben, petroleum, tars and pesticides free, no artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. The Juice Organics brand, consists of hair care products, face cleanser, moisturizer and lip care product. They are all available in Canada and can be found at Loblaws and the Real Canadian Superstores.

These are just a few organic skincare products. If you want organic - keep checking Toronto Moda, this is the first of my many organic posts.


  1. LOVE JUICE BEAUTY! Their products are amazing and I feel good about all the ingredients in them. I reccomend them to all of my friends at Sephora.

  2. I've read a lot about Consonant. They seem to be making a lot of really great products that are actually good for you. My friend swears by their organic face wash / make up remover.