Some may argue that our feet are the most important part of our body, but for arguments sake let’s just say that they are. Footwear has always been of some interest to me, and this fall is really exciting because designers have brought in ankle boots as the new footwear for this fall.

They are not overly complicated and not very colorful. The new fall footwear for men are rugged, simple, and stylish.

Take for example John Varvatos, his new boot for this fall is all about looking rugged, but they it is not overly complicated. The collection of boots are worn and combined with soft leather they are incredibly comfortable to walk in.

For those who cannot spend over 200$ on a pair of boots, check out Aldo. Aldo’s collection of men’s boots are a lot cleaner and put together. Priced around 130$ these boots will last you the fall and winter season.

At 225$ Town Shoes has a boot that is longer than an ankle boot but has the same look and feel as the other two. Including the distressed leather look and the buckles, this is a simple classic look of a boot only with a rugged edge.

My advice if you are going to buy boots is to check out Holt Renfrew. John Varvatos is sold there and for a very reasonable price. It will cost you maybe 20-30$ more than Town Shoes, but will last you at least three seasons. The last boots I bought at Town Shoes lasted me one season, and that’s a typical thing. The greatest advice I can give you is to shop around. Just remember that this year is all about rugged but with a clean edge.

-Just sayin

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