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The Must have accessories for men this Fall! Accessorizing for men has never been more important than it is now, and men you would know this if you have been following the blogs on this site. There are three big accessories that all men must have in their closet this fall and they include: The Scarf, The Hat, and The Glove.

Scarves are great because they come in many weights; they can be as light or as heavy as you want. I tend to go lighter for scarves because I like to layer my looks. Although with the larger sweaters coming out this winter, scarves may not be used as much, but that does not mean that you should not have them available in your closet. Color and pattern do not matter, whatever looks good with your particular look will look good for this fall. Remember it’s not always about what is in right now. It is about what you can carry over from season to season, because we all don’t have thousands of dollars to purchase new wardrobes every season. Key pieces are essential.

The hat, yes gentlemen the hat has been making its strong comeback and this it’s all about the newsboy cap. Although if you wear a fedora or a bowler hat we would have nothing against you! Colors for hats to look out for would be anything in the light brown and caramel colors for sure.

The glove, leather of course, some gloves have fur on the inside, and some have wool. Whatever suits you is good with me, it’s all about the look with the glove. The glove actually is used for two purposes. The first is that it protects against the spread of germs, and the second is that it protects your hands from the cold, keeping your skin soft.

Whatever your case, these are the top three accessories that are a must have this fall winter season.

-Just sayin

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