The Third Annual Beautylicious

Let's face it, the wear and tear of daily living can easily take its toll on us. I know we've all experienced the days when caffeine is your best friend. But before you run out of steam and burn out, remember to take a few minutes to yourself - or in my case, maybe a day.

We're all familiar with Toronto's annual Summerlicious/Winterlicious prix fixe dining menus, but how about prix fixe spa menus? From October 27th to November 6th, 2011, Beautylicious, the only beauty and wellness event of its kind in Canada,  is coming back to Bloor-Yorkville for its third annual event. Ladies, grab your girlfriends and plan a spa day. Men, get undressed within inches of another woman without any guilt.

Beautylicious offers an array of hair, spa, skin and health & wellness services at four prix fixe prices: $30, $50, $75 and $125. There are over 60 participating businesses and these specially-priced packages aren't available at any other time of the year.

Chenessa and Josh had their Beautylicious experiences - let's hear their thoughts...

Chenessa's Treatment #1 - Acupuncture
Scollard Acupuncture Clinic with Dr. Peter Pavolotsky
108 Scollard Street. 647-505-5030

Acupuncture has always piqued my curiosity but yet, I've always been hesitant to try it. Before my appointment at the Scollard Acupuncture Clinic with Dr. Peter Pavolotsky, I had a few sheets of paperwork to fill out and some information to look through. I was going for the $125 offering which includes, Complete Chinese Medical Assessment – comprehensive Chinese medicine health profile; Complete Chinese Medical Assessment, Chinese Medical Chronic Pain Treatment; Chinese Medical Health Restoration Treatment, Chinese Herbal Treatment, and Chinese Medical Shiatsu Massage.

During the assessment process, I quickly understood why there were so many forms to fill out and so much information to read through. Dr. Pavolotsky explains that Chinese medicine is quite different from Western medicine, but when combined together, can work quite harmoniously. He spent a great deal of time explaining the differences and going through my Chinese medicine health profile and explained it in terms I understood - he even broke out the pen and paper and drew diagrams. After an extensive assessment, the acupuncture treatment began. I was shocked at the painlessness of the needles. I hardly felt a thing - I kid you not.Dr. Pavolotsky adjusted the needles a few times and in minutes, it was over. Easy peasy.

The key to acupuncture is to find a good doctor, not just someone who practices in their spare time.

Chenessa's Treatment #2 - An Hour of Bliss
55 Bloor St. W. in the Manulife Centre. 416-920-7482.

Within the hustle and bustle of Manulife Centre, you'll find a little bit of heaven. SITAMAA day spa offers body treatments, facials, manicures, pedicures and massage therapy, to name a few.

The premise behind SITAMAA is simple. Vee Mistry, the owner, wanted a name that gives the spa character. It originates from Hindu where Sita is the name of a Hindu goddess and Maa means mother. Sita was one of many beautiful goddesses not just externally but internally too. SITAMAA's goal is to stay true to their principles and beliefs: truth, love and compassion.

I managed to escape the daily grind for a 60 minute RMT massage including a 15 minute scalp reliever. Words cannot begin to describe the level of relaxation I felt - it was as if I was floating on Cloud 9, but better. Towards the end of the massage, my massage therapist performed a scalp reliever, which is intended to boost circulation. Talk about relaxation to the fullest.

If you're looking to escape for a few minutes, hours or even a day, don't hesitate to visit SITAMAA for friendly staff, amazing practitioners and to induce some calm into your life.

Josh's Treatment # 1 - Body Scrub and Massage
METROsexual Spa
91 Scollard Street.647-342-8525

This was my first spa experience ever, and let’s just say, it’s one memory I will gladly keep. I started my day off with a visit to METROsexual, The Spa For Men. It was a gloomy day out and I didn’t really plan for the combination of wind and cold, but the cup of warm green tea offered to me by reception when I walked in, instantly warmed up my insides and had me looking forward to my treatment.

I went with the $125 package which includes a 30 minutes full body exfoliation scrub which was basically a mini-massage in itself. The hydro marine scrub left my skin feeling refreshed and smooth, I was in heaven and it was only 30 minutes. Following the body scrub, I was treated to a 60 minute Swedish massage, this was also my first time getting a professional massage and my masseuse was very informative on what areas she would be working on (based off of what I had mentioned my problem areas were) and that I could ask for an increase or decrease in pressure. Once my treatments were over I had a chance to take a little guided tour of the spa with the owner Daniel Rodriguez, he said his goal was to create an oasis if you will, where men can go and get all the treatments they need and want under one roof. If you’re a modern man and looking for a slice of relaxation from the stress of the city, be sure to check out The Spa For Men and treat yourself to the perfect afternoon. 

Josh's Treatment #2 - A Complete Facial
Aesthetics Skin Care by Angela
113 Yorkville Avenue. 416-962-6247

My 2nd appointment took place at Aesthetics Skin Care by Angela located at 113 Yorkville on the 2nd floor. I will admit I did have a difficult time finding the place as there is no sign outside that says "Aesthetics Skin Care by Angela" nor does it say it on the little door listing the other business in the building. But I took a leap of faith and assumed the address was right….and it was!

So after having found my next appointment, I eagerly went inside and filled out the necessary paper work and got underway. The treatment started off with a mini-consultation, asking what type of skin I have and how it reacts to certain products in order to customize the facial to my skins needs.

We started off with the extraction process, which I was told by everyone else that this part would hurt, I didn’t really find it that painful, we can chalk that up to my ultra manliness. Following the extraction, my face was treated to a great massage/exfoliation with salts and minerals from the dead-sea, which allows the pores to breathe while rejuvenating the skin. The final portion of my treatment was an organic facemask, this is actually the process where I dozed off and fell asleep for a good 10 minutes - by the time I woke up Angela was just walking in the door getting ready to remove the mask. With a fresh nap under my belt and an immediate and noticeable difference in my skin, I walked away all smiles and extremely satisfied with my entire spa experience.

For more information on Beautylicious and services offered or to book your appointment, visit the Bloor-Yorkville website, or follow them on Twitter @BloorYorkville.

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