Anti-bullying with The Right Hand Gal

It's emotionally charged and too often ignored. It can lead to lowered self-confidence and, in a few cases, even suicide. Some schools are implementing Anti-Bullying Awareness Week, but my question is: why is it only a week long?

Our friends over at The Right Hand Gal, Canadian sister team, Shawna & Randi Herlich, recently launched their Noble necklace. During TIFF, it was a huge hit among many of the celebrities but we want you to help us spread the word.

When I met with the lovely sister team, I was astounded with their enthusiasm and passion for the cause. Every one of their pieces is created with heart - Noble is no exception. Each pendant comes in either our unique triple plated pink gold vermeil or sterling silver. It can be worn as both a necklace or bracelet. They would typically retail for $200 in their regular collection, but with a goal of selling 1,000,000 pieces, The Right Hand Gals priced it at $45.

Let's make bullying a thing of the past. Help join the cause and raise money for anti-bullying initiatives worldwide, why not start with Noble - No Bull!

To check out Noble and The Right Hand Gal click here.

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