Greta Constantine PRIMER

Greta Constantine, a ready-to-wear womenswear brand designed by Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, recently launched Collection 02 of Greta Constantine PRIMER. Known for their fabulously draped jersey dresses, PRIMER follows suit. With voluminous silhouettes constructed almost exclusively in cotton jersey and silks, the collection boasts lightness and fluidity.

"Greta Constantine PRIMER is its own entity.  It's neither Greta light nor a diffusion label," they contend.  "While our own design tendencies will always show through, we're designing with a different purpose in mind: to infuse day-to-day dressing with the chicness that people have come to expect from our Greta Constantine line."

And so, who is the Greta Constantine PRIMER woman?

"They're women of different ages, of different walks of life who all share an alluring confidence," the duo explain.  "And they're trailblazers -- they keep this city dynamic and vibrant. Bold and confident, one who isn't afraid to confront fashion wearing what she feels best in," the pair

In that regard, it sounds like Greta Constantine and Greta Constantine PRIMER aren't so different after all.


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