AdWeek 2011

What do Justin Trudeau, Miles Nadal and Gene Simmons(yes, THE Gene Simmons from KISS) have in common? They're all speakers at this years Advertising Week.

Advertising surrounds us. Turn on some form of communication and you'll probably encounter it. But why fight it? Instead, take this opportunity to learn from it.

This year's Advertising Week 2011 is spearheaded by The Institute of Communication Agencies and runs from January 24th to 28th. The events include, the CASSIES awards, honouring business achievements in Canadian advertising, Speaker Series featuring Gene Simmons, Agency Wars – a night of amateur boxing featuring ad executives, with ticket sales going to Ronald MacDonald House Toronto and NABS, and Va-Va-Vintage Ad Ball.

Don't miss your chance to learn from insightful speakers, watch a night of boxing and possibly meet Gene Simmons. This year, Be Part of Something Big. For more information, or to go grab your tickets go to

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