Eight Wine Bar: Refocused

Last week, I was invited to attend the re-launch of Eight Wine Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel nuzzled between St. Lawrence Market and the Financial District in downtown Toronto. The event was aimed to exhibit the new wine-centric focus, alongside the redesigned decor. Eight is an upscale resto-lounge that specializes in gourmet food and wine pairings. A five-course dinner with a total of 10 wine selections was served at my table of eight which included: Ron Fine, Stephanie Dickison, Suresh Doss, and Tim. Conversations were interesting and informative, and the food...well, I was in heaven. Below is the snapshot of the menu:

My favourite was the roasted pork belly with sweet potato puree and apple chutney, which paired well the 2008 Hillbrand Winery Trius White Wine. I also had the opportunity to taste the Huff Estates South Bay Wineyards Chardonnay, which I was told was extremely hard to find and is often sold out. This brings me to Sheila Person the sommelier and manager of Eight Wine Bar, who did an excellent job seeking out top-notch Ontario wines from local wineries. I must admit that I am guilty of blindly following this ideology that Ontario wines are inferior to international wines - totally untrue. I highly recommend checking out Eight for drinks or for a sit-down dinner. Special thanks to Ron and Suresh!

Photo Credit: Suresh Doss
Eight Wine Bar
9 Colbourne St. (King St./Yonge St.)
Toronto, ON

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