Apotheke‏, NYC

Hidden on Doyer St. in Chinatown without signage and only hint of human activity, a doormen dressed in a 1930's style suit, lays Apotheke - a hip, speak-easy style lounge. Apotheke is an older term used to describe pharmacy/drugstore, perfumery and a place where elixers, potions, and medicines are made.

This site was home first opium den in New york, then a Chinese opera house, and home to many Chinese restaurants. This current cocktail destination is inspired by apothecary's in Europe and its artistic influence similar to the absinthe dens in Paris in the 1800's. The gourmet drinks are prepared by mixologists & bar chefs by infusing alcohol with fruits, herbs, and spices.

I ordered the sweet Sparkling Star, which consisted of muddled star fruit, aloe vera, secret elixer, champagne, & vodka.. so good! If you are looking to experience the hidden secrets of NYC this is a great place to put on your checklist.

Photo credit: Thomas Schauer
9 Doyers St # 1 (Bowery/Worth), NYC
Tel: (212) 406-0400

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