What's all this buzz about Mr. Porter?

Time and time again, people(whom I will leave unnamed *ahem* Tina*ahem*) have been telling me, "you HAVE to fly Porter..." And my thoughts were, one airline is the same as the next, isn't it? And I was told, "nooo, wrong - you have to experience Porter Airlines, it is the little things that make the difference."

This past weekend, the plan was to go to the Big Apple for Thanksgiving. I decided to find out what all the buzz was about so I booked my flight with Porter. Is it all hype or is it really as great as everyone says it is? Either way, the excitement ran through my veins; One, I would finally fly Porter, and two, shopping in NYC - need I say more? 

Thursday October 7th
It is 9am and I am getting ready to leave home for my 11:30 flight. Typically, I would be at Pearson already, but everyone told me that it isn't necessary at the City Airport. I called Porter the night before, just to be safe, and it was confirmed - you only need to be at the terminal an hour before the flight, how convenient. I live on the subway line so getting to the Island Airport is a hop, skip and jump away, less than 30 minutes guaranteed!

9:45  I'm checking in and approaching the waiting lounge(pictured right). My-o-my, a fridge full of drinks and snacks too? The last time I flew Air Canada to Cuba, the complimentary offer on the plane was a non-alcoholic beverage and it took them more than half hour to bring it. Would I be a drama queen if I said I almost died of thirst waiting for the drink to arrive?

Not only do they have snacks to hold you over until you board your flight, but complimentary Wi-Fi is never a bad thing. I was told beforehand to bring my netbook, so I did. As I brought it out, I heard the boarding call....not typical, I'm used to Pearson, where you arrive three hours before your flight and you are counting down the minutes to boarding. This is just too easy.
I gather my belongings and head to the gate, once seated and settled, the plane took off. I didn't get a chance to open my snacks in the lounge but shortly after take off, I was offered a chicken pita and potato salad by the flight attendant. That was a surprise, an hour plane ride and we get food? We were starved and famished when we went to Cuba and that was a three and a half hour flight! The Porter stewardess then offered drinks and I asked for an orange juice and a tea. "What kind of of tea would I like?  she asked. Once again, not used to this, I don't typically have choices, the standard is usually an Orange Pekoe, but here I have choices - and who can complain about that?

Once food and drinks are devoured, the items are cleared and we are informed that we are getting ready for descent. We arrived in NY ahead of schedule. I gate-Porter-ed my bag, that way I wouldn't have to check it. I grab my bag and I'm off. NYC, here I come!

On the way to Manhattan, I assessed my Porter flight and realized that it is worth the hype. I saved at least two hours, had a happy tummy and the service is just incomparable.

I will be in NYC for five days, not long enough if you ask me but check back to read about my adventures in the Big Apple!

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