48 Hour Getaway - Boston, Massachusetts

A Weekend in Boston 

Day 1
As I rush out on Saturday morning to catch Porter’s 9am flight to Boston, I realize that one weekend isn’t nearly enough time to spend in a city so rich in history, architecture, shopping and entertainment. There are a few essential hot spots and a few things you must do when you are in old historic bean town. And the weekend getaway begins!

Hunger pains start to kick in as soon as I reach the hotel. It’s time to grab a quick bite and I have a craving I can’t dismiss. I hail a Pedicab(a bike cab, a must do when in Boston) and ask him to take me to the tastiest clam chowder joint in town. Without hesitation, he speeds off to Summer Shack. As I step foot into the joint, disappointment was left at the door. The food was delicious and the clam chowder was mere perfection! Good choice Mr. Pedicab!

After a satiating meal, I decide to burn some calories shopping on Newbury Street, where architecture meets couture. This “Rodeo Drive” of Boston has everything from Ben Sherman to Chanel.

4.5 hours later, credit cards are maxed out and my feet are aching for a rest. I head back to the hotel and because I’m exhausted, I order room service. With feet relaxed and a more than content stomach, I set off on a mission for dessert: Cold Stone Creamery.

If you haven’t stepped foot into a Cold Stone Creamery, you are missing out on the good stuff! With sizes named, ‘like it” “love it” and “gotta have it”, you know it’s bound to be more than just a treat. I decide on a waffle bowl, which is far too big for one person, but because my eyes are bigger than my stomach, I divulge. 
With an extra ounce of energy to burn and less than 24 hours in this city, I decide it's time for one last mission of the evening. The Blue Man Group may have originated in New York but their home is at the Charles Playhouse. The thought of three blue men(from head to toe) might seem a bit intimidating and strange, but the show is anything but. Be sure to set aside a few hours of some black light fun.
Day 2

Since virtually nothing is open this early on a Sunday, I decide to go for a hike along the Freedom Trail, a 4km path through downtown Boston where you can sneak by some of Boston’s historic landmarks, including: the Boston Common, Massachusetts State House, Paul Revere's House, the Bunker Hill Monument and Faneuil Hall to name a few.

stopped short of finishing the Freedom Trail because I caught sight of Fanueil Hall, set right next to Quincy Market, Boston’s first public market. This booming hot spot has 17 restaurants and over 100 stores. As a crowd gathers, I wonder what all the hype is about. Street performers grace us with some talented break dancing moves.

After a leisurely stroll, some shopping and entertainment, I decide to make my way to Cheers(you know, “where everybody knows your name”). Although the original Cheers location is on Beacon Hill, I decide to go for its replica, simply because it was closer. The Cheers restaurant in Quincy market offers the local favourites – I opt for some baked beans, after all, I am in bean town.

Hometime. As I listen to the fabulously dressed flight attendant’s pre-flight speech, I delve into re:porter, Porter’s very own magazine, I start to to think about everything I still need to see and do in Boston. The weekend draws to a close, and I realize that round two for Boston is necessary in the near future. Round two must include a BoSox game at Fenway and maybe even a Duck Tour!

Until Next Time!



  1. Sounds like a Fabulous weekend. (If you have about $3000), not that I wouldn't LOVE to do any of that, but Boston is expensive! Great Article, thanks for highlighting Boston in a positive light!

  2. Wow, that does sound like a fun, whirlwind trip. The Freedom Trail and Quincy Market are definitely great tips. Love Porter too. Stress free flying and great service.