Sunlight - Clean, Inside and Out

Kids and parents are all hitting the malls for back to school supplies and clothing. I really don't understand the school supply bit, do kids really need new supplies every year?  Clothing, on the hand, are preferred by the parents, they want to sent their kids off to school in nice new, stylish outfits.

Clothing can be expensive, therefore, taking care of them and have them last throughout the school year is the key. It would be great if there is a trick that can keep kids clothes fresh and clean as the day you bought it.  We don't realized there are more than just dirt and stains on our clothes, there is also body oil and sweat that stay on the fabric which we can't see.

New Sunlight Deep Clean™ Laundry Detergent, a powerful new addition to the Sunlight family that will help deliver a deep clean and freshness to Canadian laundry like never before. It removes the dirt, stains and the sweat and body oil that we can can't see.

We all want our clothes to last (well, maybe not the kids), look clean and crisp as the day we bought it. It is alway a comfort to know with Sunlight Deep Clean detergent,  have all that and more. Sunlight gets rid of the dirt, stains and stuff we can't see and that is one thing we as parents don't need to fret over because there are more important things to do and worry about, like school supplies.

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