PURE Alfred Sung - Fall 2010 Collection

Chic yet functional

My PURE Alfred Sung collection consisted of a few tops, one black and one white skinny jeans which fitted perfectly. My PURE spring coat was a hit, it WOW my friends and when they found out that I only paid $49.99, shock, amazement, jealously was the reaction.More surprised reaction when they found out that I got them at Zellers

It is wardrobe update time and I am on my way to Zellers for my PURE Alfred Sung Fall 2010 collection.

The collection of classic luxurious casual wear, outerwear and footwear—from cozy cable-knit and shawl collar sweaters to equestrian style leggings and riding boots—is inspired by the simplicity of the English Countryside. Paring down to the essence, the collection is heightened by a blueberry, rose and moss palette and includes a gorgeous line up of gotta-have-it jewelry and handbags.

The accessories and clothing starts from $5.97 with the highest priced item, the outerwear at $59.97, with a wide range of sizes from 2 to 16 and XS to XL, shoes sizing from 5 to 10. I am getting a "High" just thinking of all the items I can get without breaking my bank.

I know one thing for sure, my 2010 fall PURE Alfred Sung wardrobe will be the envy of my friends, oh, unless they too are on their way to Zellers.

Comfort height for everyday.

Great Accessories!


  1. I am and always will be a fan of Alfred Sung.
    However,I am so appalled in the manner which his merchandise is displayed at Zellers!
    Not only his collection,but the entire Ladies Apparel Dept.
    With the Bay,having introduced Moon,also designed by Alfred I will spend the few extra $ and split the difference at the Bay.
    Don't get HBC'S logic having two Sung lines.Do they want the Bay customer to shop at Zellers or the Zellers customer to shop at the Bay?
    At least at the Bay,I'm not tripping over the merchandise,merely looking to find some sales help.

  2. I agree....the Zellers at Grant Park Shopping Center in Winnipeg is awful. So much for the "BIG" renovation to the store. The clothes are hung backward on the hanger so the price/size tags are hidden; the clothes are wrinkled and packed onto the racks; regular and petite sizes are mixed together and selection for Women's sizes are VERY limited. I did try a pair of Sung's black jeans and a darling Fall dress for under $40.00 and love both. Too bad store management is not more concerned with displaying the product in a professional way.

  3. I love the Zellers Alfred Sung Pure line. Its great quality, stylish and affordable. Already got a few sweaters and some accessories :)

  4. Please make the flats in a ladies size 12,I have a daughter who is 14 and she wears a size 12 and i cant get any shoes any where

  5. I've just started collecting the Pure Alfred Sung line in Spring 2011. My whole wardrobe has been revamped using this collection. I feel exceptionally well dressed, for a very affordable price. The smaller sizes are apreciated too, these are harder to find these days.

  6. I love the fall collection and have purchased several pieces. It's difficult but I manage to ignore the terrible way Zellers markets this line and search for the treasures.