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It has been years since those sleepless nights, diaper changes, temper tantrums, but today, I find myself looking into “Tommee Tippee” simply intuitive products. Who would have thought that I will be writing about baby products at my age, when both my girls are grown and gone.

I don’t think any mothers, or mothers to be, will ever get over the goo goo gaa gaa stage of babies, and all the nifty baby products. During my days as a new mom (when dinosaurs roamed the earth, as my girls put it), baby products were limited. The bottles had to be sterilized in the pot, and during those sleepless nights, just when you begin to dozed off, the baby needed feeding…again, and you had to boil the water to warm the formula, sometime too hot, other times not hot enough. Ahhh memories, many are wonderful, few are not.

I, once again will be going into the goo goo gaa gaa stage this November. NO, I am not expecting! I will be a “Great Aunt”, the luxury of enjoying the baby, but not the strenuous and dirty work related with being a Mom.

Tommee Tippee, Originated in UK, arrived in Canada, are here to provide the great products mothers are seeking, and are now available at Babies “R” Us stores nationwide, how exciting. Mom and babies in the UK have been enjoying tommee tippee products for over 45 years and now we can too. The first product, the tommee tippee cup, featured a rounded, weighted base that makes tipping and spilling virtually impossible. Since then, many cleaver products were added.

Tommee Tippee, simply intuitive consists of eighty different products from feeding to weaning. Make sure to check out their product line and information at or, but better yet, go into the store and start goo goo gaa gaa over the amazing products.

Once I have the final verdict from my “Great Niece or Nephew”, (due to arrive early November), I will let everyone know his or her thoughts on the tommee tippee products…...stay tune!

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