Athletes and Choices

MOVING COMFORT – Clothing designed by women for women. The commitment to design and develop the best fitting and comfort yoga and sports apparel for the active women.

The sports bra collection has women of all shapes and sizes covered. Moving Comfort introducing several new sports bras offering comfort, style and contouring to add shape eliminating the unflattering uniboob.

FILA – Conceived since 1911, a veteran in the athletic brand. In 2008, Fila introduced “Function, Form and F-Box”, these three supports Fila’s new approach to sports wear.

Function – Feature products that are rated F3-F7, with performance characteristics, making the product functional for multiple sport activities rather than just one sport.

Form – The products are focused on the active lifestyle with a softer, more fashionable design direction.

F-Box – The collection trades on both strong brand heritage, as well as re-interpreting vintage styles for today’s fashion-conscious consumers.
These three products offer consumers a “fashionable alternative” to traditional sports brands.

BROOKS - A leading running company that designs and markets a line of high performance men’s and women’s running shoes, apparel and accessories in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The launch of DNA technology, an innovative running shoe , first-of-its-kind cushioning system that adapts to the individual runner’s need. It offers customized cushioning and protection for every step of every run.

Brook is also dedicated to eco-friendly designs and manufacturing practices as well as using more sustainable materials. In 2008, Brooks launched its BioMoGo midsole, the world’s first biodegradable running shoe midsole that breaks down 50 times faster than traditional midsoles in an enclosed, active landfill. Brook introduced the GreenSilence, a groundbreaking unisex competition racing shoe, both fashionable and eco-friendly.

Brook continues to move forward to provide the innovative products for their customers as well as being social responsible in using eoc-friendly materials whenever possible.

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