Scrapping for Something to hold onto!

Linda Lundstrom finally hits bottom and has no where to go!

“Weeks before Lundstrom had filed for bankruptcy in 2008 she had visited Seneca College’s Fashion Center, Linda was collecting some of the clothing that she donated many years ago, to take back for her own archives. Months after, local and regional papers released that Lundstrom had filed for bankruptcy.” Seneca Alumni.

After Lundstrom had filed for bankruptcy protection of 1.9 Million dollars, a manufacturer from Toronto by the name of Eleventh Floor Apparel purchased the company and all of its assets.


It wasn't long before Lundstrom resigned from the position of chief officer and started her own consulting business. At 59 years of age this fashion veteran has seen better days. With a total of six clients, we’re hoping that Ms. Lundstrom is able to see better days.


-Just Sayin


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