The Pad - Nope, not the Ipad..

When you do your weekly grocery shop, you might have razors on your list of things to pick up. It may come as a shock that each year about two billion disposable razors end up in our landfills.

In 2005 shaving and hair removal products sales were nearly 3.1 Billion dollars. That seems like a lot but when you think about it a package of razors is $15, so I guess it makes sense.

shaving pad
That's where the Shaving pad by Martell comes in!
“Laboratory and field tested for over five years, the Martell Shaving Pad replicates the processes that have been used by barbers for years. When used daily, simply gliding the razor a few times up the length of the pad’s patents pending silicone surface restores the blades cutting edge within seconds, ensuring a consistently close shave every time.”
This is ideal for the everyday. Not only does it keep the blade sharp for a longer period of time, but you end up saving money on blades in the long run. When you consider that 75% of men shave their face every day and that a single blade only lasts two to three days, the Shaving Pad may just save you hundreds of dollars a year.

-Just Sayin


  1. This is interesting, Im so taking a look at this
    Martell Shaving Pad product.

  2. Finally! the answer for my prayer...hurts to pay $25 for razor.

  3. I use it! An it reay works, saving me so much money now!

  4. I just love this product, I bought it for my boyfriend with some doubts but now all I hear from him "Babe this is amazing" Plus it works for women aswell. I would like to know how that grooving surface resharpens the razor blases.

    Thumbs Up for this product!

  5. Just wanted to add my two cents and an important observation. At first, the Martell pad was not working, but I figured out why. Modern razor cartridges PIVOT on the holder. Therefore I wasn't getting any pressure against the blades when using the device. You have to push a finger against the back of the blade to make sure that pressure is applied evenly to all blades. If you don't do that, it won't work. It's working great.

  6. All I have to say: "Try it to believe it"