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Quick and Easy Morning Make-Up

I, like many of you out there, have minimal time in the morning to get ready. I always want to look my best but it is hard when we only have 5 or ten minutes to work with. Here are a few tips to look your best when time seems to be against you.

Prep – 1 minute – You must start with a good base. Start with a moisturizer or a primer. If you have oily skin, go for an oil-free moisturizer. In the summer months try to go for one with an SPF – we’re trying our best to veer away from sun spots and melanoma.

Concealer and Powder – 1 or 2 minutes – For those of us with dark circles under the eyes, a good concealer is key. A yellow concealer covers up blue or grey circles while a light blue concealer will cover up brown circles. Using a powder is a great way to even out the skin tone. Try to find one that is lightweight and make sure that the undertones match your very own. If you’re unsure of your undertone, make your way to a cosmetic counter. Make-up artists have an amazing way of spotting your undertone in seconds, it’s like a sixth sense all make-up artists have.

Eyes – 1 minute – If you’re really low on time, don’t forget mascara. This ‘must’ component can open up your eyes and bring out a key feature. If you have a few extra minutes, use an eyeliner to give your eyes a bit more dimension and make your eyes pop.

Cheeks – 1 minute – Have you woken up and looking in the mirror and said ‘gaaah.’ You squint then rub your eyes and realize, wow that IS your in the reflection, and wow you DO look pale and colourless? I’ve been there many mornings and that is why blush is my best friend. A touch of blush on the cheeks brings a rosy glow and some colour to your face. It is an easy way to brighten up your face and make you appear more awake.

Lips – 1 minute – Chapstick works but why not go for a bit more oomph? Use a tinted lipgloss for some sheer colour. If you want something more dramatic, go for a lipstick and apply a thin layer of lipgloss on top.

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll go from pale to polished.

 Before                                    After       

She looks great in her before but notice how eyeliner and blush brings out her features?

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