A Day with Mom

May 9th - Mother's Day!  
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The best present to give mom is your time, so spend the day with her! Kick start the day with a Mother's Day brunch. Reservations are necessary if you want to dine out, but you can also dine in and make mom breakfast in bed. After a marvellous start to the day, make your way out to a spa for some time to relax and unwind. Finish it off with song and laughter at the theatre. Due to my obsessive compulsiveness, I tend to plan things down to the hour(sometimes to the minute). Here's my Mother's Day laid out for you - just in case you need some inspiration!

Breakfast in Bed
There are many breakfast/brunch spots in the city. On this special day, it is inevitable that tables will be reserved with the restaurant at full capacity. Although I have done this many years in the past, this time I thought I'd go for something different. I rushed out to Cob's Bread to grab a loaf of fresh bread. Fresh bread is so much tastier than normal bread, and when you step foot into Cob's, the aroma is just heavenly. I decide to make a healthy breakfast consisting of a garden salad and a jaffle, a toasted sandwich, paired with a cup of Earl Grey tea - mom's favourite.

Divine Intervention
After searching feverously for the right spa, I finally landed on one. Located in the heart of Toronto is Body Blitz Spa, the only one of its kind in Canada.  Noted as a "water spa for women" with spa services and therapeutic waters consisting of a hydrotherapy circuit that includes: a warm sea salt pool, aromatherapy steam room, cold plunge pool, infrared sauna, and a hot green tea pool. This water circuit is carefully designed in a sequential order to allow you to maximize the benefits. The many body scrubs, treatments, and massages are a great way to spring into the new season and rid your body of that dry winter skin. Mom and I are going for the sweet ginger and body milk glow, which is a nourishing treatment that includes a body wash, body scrub, warm milk treatment, finished off with hydrating grape seed oil massage which stays true to its word and gives your skin an amazing glow. Our only word of advice: be prepared for the cold plunge… it stays true to its name!

Crème de la Crème
Pampered and relaxed! We met up with the rest of the family to go out for dinner. Mom has always had a soft spot for french cuisine, and although Le Papillion is still a family favourite, I thought of trying something new. Tucked right off of King is a charming French restaurant, Amuse Bouche. This quaint restaruant has a subtle but great atmosphere and the menu isn't too intimidating. With meals prepared by a few of Toronto’s top Chefs, Amuse Bouche is la magnifique!

My my, how can I resist you?
To finish the night, I thought we needed some music(and platform boots) reminiscent of the 70’s. Mamma Mia celebrates the music of ABBA and is in town until June 27th. The musical is is set in Greece and is about a single mom, Donna Sheridan, whose daughter, Sophie Sheridan, is about to get married. Where is the father in all this? He is one of three possible candidates and Sophie invites all three to her wedding without her mother knowing. It sounds like quite the tragedy but with muscular men in spandex, women in sequins and vibrantly colourful flippers, it’s bound to bring out more than just a chuckle or two. Not to mention, you might leave with an infectious head-bob. It reminds us that our girlfriends are important no matter what our age, whether we are Sophie or Donna. The performance was the perfect end to the day. How could it not with wit, humour and shiny spandex? To get your tickets, click here.

I hope that inspires you....let me know your ideas on Mother's Day. Send a shot of you and mom to TorontoModa@live.com for a chance to win a prize pack worth over $100! Winners will be chosen on May 10th.  Goodluck! xo

Written by Tina with files from Joanna Lynch.

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  1. I have heard that body blitz spa is amazing! This would be a great day out with your Mom!