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Clean for spring! Looking for something a little more organic this season check out www.wembe.com, for their organic bath soaps.

“Wembé the first line of organic soaps from Paraguay has just launched their new line of eco-lux brand of soaps made with natural exotic ingredients from the Amazon rainforest in the USA. 

Organic and natural: All soaps are 100% naturally organic, paraben-free, handmade without artificial coloring and never tested on animals.  They are blended tropical ingredients only found in the Amazon rainforest, essential vegetable oils, along with moisturizing butters.

Distinctly Paraguayan: Paraguay, often called t he "Second Eden,” is rich in natural resources stemming from the tropical rainforest. Wembé’s products are derived from Paraguay’s natural plants and herbs, and manufactured in a Paraguayan factory, providing work to the local community.

Bath Soaps

Multi-tasking: Many Wembé soaps do more than just cleanse; Wembé products exfoliate, moisturize and offer a fresh scent to users.

Square: Most Wembé soaps are square shaped.  Having a square shaped bar of soap creates an ideal grip for one to hold in their hands, is easy to store and allows for more layers of whole plants and herbs to be packed in for enhanced effectiveness.

Intriguing: Wembé offers a diverse collection of soaps that are rustic and unique to appeal to one’s scent and vision including avocado, seaweed, black clay, mint and snow.” (Trent and Company Inc. press release)

So, for those of you who are looking to try something new this spring, why not start out with changing up your daily routine.

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